By answering the following questions, our team will be able to strategically target the followers that are looking for your company’s products or service. The goal is to significantly increase your fan base with truly engaging users that will not only engage socially, but will go through to visit your website or contact you and turn into a converting customer/client. We use a combination of high-end 3rd party softwares combined with our in-house real human brains for optimization & management in order to maximize results for you and your brand!


List a MINIMUM of 5 Instagram profiles that your target audience may follow. Think of companies or “influencers” similar to your specific brand that you aspire to be like.
List at least 5 hashtags of brand relative interests. Think of any hashtag that you would use when you post.
List any specific geo-target location that you want to target. This does not mean a city or a general area but a specific location where users check in to such as a venue, restaurant, gym etc (OPTIONAL).
Your Instagram name (not your email address).
In order to put our tools into effect we need to be able to login on your behalf. **We will never share or store your password, we only need it to login to enable our campaigns.
Anything from website URL, business vision, brand style, etc.
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