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Projects Details

First Light Farms is an eco-conscious brand that’s changing the game with their sustainable and ethical farming practices. Our goal? To help them expand their brand in the US market and drive massive growth across all channels, from website traffic and sales to social media engagement to overall retail sales. To make this happen we executed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign including organic social media, paid online advertising, and influencer marketing. We’re crafting strategies that perfectly align with First Light’s values, targeting consumers who share their passion for sustainable and ethical food production and partnering with like-minded influencers who can help spread their message. And of course, we’re creating content that’s as visually stunning as it is informative, showcasing First Light’s mouth watering products and production processes in all their glory.

We are incredibly proud to be promoting a brand that is at the forefront of sustainable and ethical farming practices. Through our powerful digital marketing services, we’re increasing awareness of their brand and products, and playing a critical role in the success of a business that prioritizes transparency, sustainability, and fair compensation for their farmers.