Brand Design, Name Creation, Website Design + Development, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Brand Ambassador + Influencer Marketing, TikTok Marketing, Email Marketing

Projects Details

New Zealand parent company, BODCO Dairy, wanted to launch a new brand and line of dairy-based pregnancy products into the US. We were with them from the beginning – brainstorming and testing out various brand names, taglines, and overall design. 

After settling on a stellar and inviting name indicative of the brand’s values, we created a comprehensive brand manual, logos, icons…you name it! Later, we used the brand guidelines to build and design their website from scratch. 

Meanwhile, our marketing team got to work creating an online presence and authentic social persona. Now that their products are live on the website and Amazon, we have kickstarted an extensive digital marketing campaign through paid Meta & Google advertising, social media content creation and management, email marketing, and TikTok & IG influencer marketing.

We love working with brands at any stage, but being part of one’s growth since the very beginning always excites us! We are constantly thinking of ways to create more impact, communicate with our  consumer community authentically, and grow the success of the brand as a whole.