5 reasons why every entrepreneur needs to know themselves


by Nicolas Rey Petit

Quick reflection about the importance for entrepreneurs to do a deep personal analysis and get to know themselves before starting a new business:

Building a business requires a lot of energy and a lot of time, so doing something that comes from within is crucial, not only to create a successful business but also, to enjoy the journey and have a better overall life.

Even though you see an opportunity, don't assume you will be happier and make more money starting the business that might not have anything to do with your talents and passions.

Check LinkedIn video  HERE

Check LinkedIn video HERE

Here are 5 reasons why I think every entrepreneur should know themselves before starting a new business:

1.    Having passion for what you do is what will keep you going when challenging times come by

2.    You are more likely to tackle a business problem that is best suited to your skills and interests and is less sensitive to your shortcomings. Too many people fail working on someone else’s problem. You won’t be happy in the wrong business.

3.    Attracting the right team requires knowing what you don’t know.

4.    Knowing about yourself gives you the confidence to be genuine, and genuine people are the best leaders.

5.    You don’t need to be an expression of your business; your business has to be an expression of who you are.

Let’s play a little game now:

Imagine a world with no money, where only exchange of products and services are allowed (something like ‘burning man’ 🔥😅). In this world there will be bakers providing awesome breakfasts, sports enthusiasts who will bring awesome programs for our kids or artisans building our homes.

The question is: according to your passions and talents, what would you bring to this world? Comment below 🤟


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