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The TikTok Chronicles: National Security Risk or Silly App?

President Biden just gave the green light to the “Peace Through Strength Act” on April 24 and it’s putting the pressure on ByteDance, the folks behind TikTok, to sell or face the national ban. 

TikTok’s CEO Shou Zi Chew, dropped a response on the app, “It’s obviously a disappointing moment, but it does not need to be a defining one … Rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere. We are confident and we will keep fighting for your rights in the courts.” Then they made good on that promise and sued in a Washington D.C. court on May 7. Remember TikTok successfully argued on the grounds of free speech and blocked the Montana ban in December 2023. Things just got spicy tho! 🥵


But the ban doesn’t really matter…for talented and resourceful marketing teams. 

And for talented and resourceful marketing teams who are always adapting to algorithms and new trends, they can continue to make engaging content for any platform. TikTok did shake things up by setting a new standard. Raw, real, and entertaining content can reach your audience, without much followers or ad spend.

Brands embracing this shift from polished ads to entertaining, raw content will thrive, regardless of TikTok’s fate. This ban is a test of your team’s ability to adapt early to emerging trends!


The TikTok Success Formula: Hack The Algorithm 

The actual formula to doing well on TikTok is quite simple: 

90%+ Watch Time + 3-5x Posting Per Week = Continuous Account Growth 

TikTok has reshaped content creation, setting a new standard that brands must follow. Short, engaging videos are now the norm across social platforms, even on LinkedIn with their launch of a short-form video feed.


Ok that’s nice..but what next? How does my marketing team prepare? 

As the landscape shifts, your marketing team needs to be agile and innovative. Here are a few strategies to stay ahead:


By implementing these strategies, your marketing team can continue to thrive no matter the platform. Remember, it’s about connecting with your audience in meaningful ways, wherever they are. Let’s adapt, innovate, and lead in this dynamic environment. Ready to take on the challenge?

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