Open Calendar vs Open Door


A big challenge we all face in this era of hyperconnectivity is to stay focused and don’t get lost, not only by the infinite content available in Social Media but also, by responding random text messages or emails from leads, colleagues or customers.

In the 90s it was common to hear your boss saying ‘my door is open’, which means: everytime you need me, just knock the door and I will be there. This was viable in a company where the only way to interfere with someone's schedule was just by being physically there.

Now a days, anyone from any corner of the world can reach out to us by just clicking a button. This is really cool but at the same time is something that we need to learn to deal with, as we cannot be constantly available to answer every single thread we receive on the cell phone.

Something that is really useful to me is the concept ‘open calendar’, which comes to replace the old ‘open door’ concept. This means, unless there is an urgency, I might not be available right now but my calendar is open so we can connect within a context of more quality time.

This is how we can stay focus on whatever we are doing at the moment we get a text message, and at the same time, is a way to provide more quality time to our leads, colleagues or customers.

Nicolas Rey Petit