Innnate Co. over abstract colored background.

The Brand’s Manifesto

Nature meets nature.

Microscopic magic.
A mixture of science, knowledge, and functional natural ingredients. 

Solutions designed in a lab. 
And crafted in a body. A plant. Or any other natural environment.

The enormous power of tiny bacteria.

An opportunity to stop seeking well-being on the outside. And start looking inside.

Pure quality products, for pure innovation. 

The idea of changing minds, through the gut.

Nature comes back to nature. That is the cycle of future life. 

Nature to nature.

Design Lead: Nicolás Bacile & Gonzalo Prunesti

Communication Lead: Santiago Guillamondegui

Innate branding on phone screens.
Two tote bags with Innate tagline: 'natural formulas for a better life.'
Natural supplements Innate packaging.