A billboard with Membah advertisement.

The Brand’s Manifesto

The physical space is no longer enough.

New ideas are born every day. As well as new questions.

Why only interact in the real world? If we can also do it in the virtual one.

It’s time to expand our possibilities To open our minds to new experiences.

Limitless opportunities to interact with customers, partners, and brand communities.

Chances to create consumer dynamics that don’t even exist yet.

Welcome to a new era of experiences, Business, and entertainment.

Where virtual worlds make real connections possible.

Real connections in virtual worlds Membah.

Design Lead: Nicolás Bacile & Gonzalo Prunesti

Communication Lead: Santiago Guillamondegui

Expand your consumers' virtual experiences through NFTs Membah.
Membah new virtual experiences taglines.
Membah branding on a tote bag and a sweatshirt.
Four phone screens showcasing Membah branding.
Membah logotype.
Be a membah, unique virtual experiences, and community based NFTs.