Brand Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile + Desktop Development

Projects Details

Our client first came to us with the desire to make owning a black car service easier on the day-to-day so that owners would have more time to maintain their vehicles and build relationships to generate more business. Taking this original idea into account, we built a brand new brand identity that, after much keyword and brand-naming market research, became known as Go NOBL. We created and delivered a brand manual equipped with typographies, logo variations, a color scheme, icons, and taglines. Next, we conducted a UX/UI App Design which included deliverables of a product + data flowwireframinghigh-fidelity design, and prototypes of app screens for 3 different users: drivers, passengers, and admins. Now in preparation for the development stage, Go NOBL will be a livery tool that enables complete fleet management for black cars, available as a mobile application developed in Flutter for iOS and Android devices, a web widget, and a web-based TMS (Transport Management System).