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Projects Details

New Zealand based honey company, Taylor Pass Honey, was entering the US market with three Manuka Honey and three Floral Honey skus amongst plenty of competition on shelf. Our goal: to differentiate TPH from the rest and help them achieve mass amounts of brand awareness to move products off the shelves and help them get into hundreds of new retailers!

By pairing educational content and geo targeted online ads, we supported retail store launches and ongoing placements by allocating their paid media budgets in their key markets to drive in-store conversions and increasing shelf turnover. In addition to generating millions of impressions for Taylor Pass Honey in these markets, we also coordinated product trials and postings through influencer relations efforts in the health, wellness and foodie categories. We’ve built a “hive” of ambassadors who have tried, loved and continue to share the knowledge about Taylor Pass Honey across today’s top social media platforms!

We are incredibly proud to be promoting a brand that just became a Certified B Corporation and is at the forefront of sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. Through our powerful digital marketing services, we’re increasing awareness of their brand and products, and playing a critical role in the success of a business that prioritizes transparency and sustainability. By working with a brand that aligns with our values, we’re not only helping them achieve their goals, but we’re also contributing to a larger mission of creating a more just and sustainable food system.