Why New Zealanders Will Recover Stronger Than Ever


by Sebastian Naum

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In the aftermath of New Zealand's tragedy and calamities will come great togetherness and recovery.

Coming from a place where I have constant contact with Kiwis, I have come to learn a lot about their people and culture.  When you visit or vacation a place you can only get a little bit of the basics from a culture.  Living and immersing yourself in a new place is the only real way.  Although I never lived in New Zealand, I have been conducting business with Kiwis for multiple years now. 

I can tell you that New Zealand is the home to some of the friendliest and warmest people on the planet. And, if there are a people that can bounce back from tragedy, it's the Kiwis.

Based on my experience, here are some epic traits that define New Zealanders as a people:

Light-Hearted & Easy Going

For people that are so competitive and passionate about sports like rugby, they are surprisingly chilled.  Even in the thick of things, they always believe that everything will work out.

A lot of tourists who visit New Zealand mention this as one of the primary reasons for moving there actually.  For me, I see it in business all the time.  They have strong goals and aspire big, but they don’t come off as worried or anxious about achieving them.  It’s almost as if they know they’ll achieve them, and if not, they’ll know they did their best.

(Photo: Via Standar.co.uk)

(Photo: Via Standar.co.uk)


The Kiwis really do have some epic inventions. From technological breakthroughs such as the jet pack, jet boats inventions, High-speed Amphibian cars, motorcycle designs and robotics, to agricultural research like transgenic cows, and apple genome project.

Bungee jumping, nuclear physics (Ernest Rutherford) and they even claim to have invented the flat white… which frankly, I’m the quite the fan of.  In New Zealand, there is always a big idea waiting to happen and their innate creativity will never cease.


Humility is a prevalent trait in New Zealand.  A dope example of this was when Richie McCaw, a rugby star and local hero, declined knighthood. Most successful athletes or just about any human would immediately accept the honor.  From my personal experience with higher up Kiwis, I can definitely vouch for this trait.

Bonded to their Land

New Zealand is a popular tourist destination mainly due to their beautiful land. Nobody loves nature like Kiwis. They are so connected to their home that one can say it’s a spiritual experience for them. The bond is so strong that even immigrants who move to New Zealand soon develop this feeling as well.

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Sense of Humor

New Zealanders are known for their wit. If you want some laughs via a Kiwi film you should check out a classic mockumentary called “What we do in the Shadows.”  You’ll definitely get some New Zealander humor there.  Humor is one of the ways they use to defuse conflict, making them even more relaxed.


Kiwis value for friendship is admirable. After horrific tragedies, New Zealanders turn in large numbers to support the grieving families. It doesn't matter what religion they subscribe to.  One could almost say that Mateship is almost as if it were a religion to the Kiwis and they put their family and friends over everything.

(Photo: Via Christchurch Educated)

(Photo: Via Christchurch Educated)

Kiwis Will be Stronger Than Ever

I love that I get to work with Kiwis from across the pond almost daily and I’ve come to really admire their personalities and truly enjoy having them as clients and colleagues.

I strongly believe that New Zealanders will continue to grow stronger than ever.  From all of us in the United States, we send them love and strength.

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