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Strategies for Maximizing Paid Media and UGC Content for Startups

Calling all startup founders and entrepreneurs! Do you know how to combine the power of user-generated content (UGC) content with paid media? As a purpose-driven marketing agency, we’re all about helping brands grow sustainably while raking in those sweet, sweet profits. We’ll help you level up your game and skyrocket your brand’s visibility. Buckle up because we’re about to dive into some seriously good strategies to make the most out of your paid media and UGC. 

But first, here are some foundational strategies you can use in the infographic below! 


Now let’s get into the really juicy stuff! 


Viral Content Creation: Podcast Clips + TikTok Ads

So, you know those catchy podcast clips that make you hit repeat? Yeah, those are gold for startups. Grab those juicy soundbites and turn them into TikTok ads that’ll have your audience hooked. All you need is to capture an organic sounding conversation between two hosts that highlights the pain points you are solving or value props you are providing. FinTech, consumer goods, consumer services, and AI brands do particularly well with this type of format. 

Not only is this a great organic strategy that can be replicated over and over, it also can hit an even bigger audience with ad spend on TikTok. You can even use the TikTok affiliate program to drive more conversions to your product. Need help with strategy and creation? Let our team of experts craft the perfect campaign for your brand. 


High-Value Production: Shareable Events + Instagram Ads

Who doesn’t love a good party, right? Host shareable events that are Insta-worthy and watch your brand go viral. Instagram is the VISUAL social media app and the bonus is that many Pinterest users save content they love directly from Instagram, adding even more reach to your content.

Whether it’s a branded pop-up shop, aesthetic dinner-party, or an innovative workshop, make sure it’s an experience that’s beautiful and worth sharing. Then, amplify the buzz with targeted Instagram ads that’ll have your audience lining up at the door for your next event! It’s all about creating FOMO and turning your followers into brand ambassadors. Cheers to that!



Affordable Content Marketing: UGC + Google Search

A low-cost and successful strategy for startups that utilizes your audience is user-generated content and organic Google Search. Encourage your fans to create content featuring your products and share it far and wide. Google Search may be getting smarter with AI, but it’s actual human experiences that people are looking for. The rise of video results to specific questions will only continue to rise.

Dive deep into user-generated content during your keyword research phase. Scope out what your customers are saying, asking, and posting about. You’ll uncover long-tail keywords that get users buzzing. Use this intel to shape your content strategy and make sure it hits the mark with your audience’s search habits and burning questions. It’s like having a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal!

Get creative, stay authentic, and use sustainable marketing and business practices (link to greenwashing article) and watch your brand thrive. We’ve done it many times before and you can check out our case studies that prove that. Get in touch with the form below or schedule a call today. 


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